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Takeout Button


Information Technology

About Us

Takeout Button® is an independently owned and operated restaurant technology company founded by a foodie and a techie in 2013. So, not only do we understand what customers are looking for, but we also know how to implement it!

To deliver and elevate your customers' convenience and service experience through a robust and easy-to-use online ordering system and to also provide a competitive edge to local and independent food entrepreneurs and operators.

Takeout Button offers custom-branded online food ordering technology that is easy to use, mobile-friendly, and works in any browser. We help restaurateurs, caterers, cafes, and other eateries – who may have little or no technical knowledge – to offer their own branded online food ordering service instead of using a shared system from a third party.

**New** We provide on-demand drivers to restaurants to help them save on liability insurance and extend their market area with fix flat fee per delivery order.

With Takeout Button’s technology, restaurateurs can benefit from additional online sales, labor cost savings, prepaid orders, and a customer database. The back-end tool allows them to take full control of their system. They can edit menus, create digital coupons, and view sales reports. To learn more about Takeout Button, please visit


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