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Tips for Starting and Managing a Business in Ybor City, FL

There has been a shift in US employment trends. As the economy started to decline and rise again, more people sought ways to maintain stability while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance. For many people, that balance existed in entrepreneurship. The US census shows that there's a 96.3% increase in business applications in 2020 and 2021. Starting a business is an opening towards financial independence, having open schedules, becoming your own boss and most importantly being able to create employment for others. 


If you’re ready to make a change, or if you’re looking to push your small business a little farther, the following tips from the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce can help you to take on those challenges.


Find Your Niche

If you don’t already have a set business idea, look into what gaps exist in the market. Even if your idea isn’t a new one, your take on it could be. For example, the recent shift to online shopping opened up opportunities to provide specialized options with shipping and packaging. Have a budget for packaging, transportation, and hiring a delivery person. This will seem like an addition to your initial budget but it will be worth it in the end. People are making more money in their online shopping platforms that some businesses consider going fully online. 


If you already had a business plan, it might be a good idea to reassess it. Take time and look at it, ensure your strategies are still working and effective. If you haven’t yet created your business plan, now is the time to do so. 


Select Your Business Structure

Also, if you’re just getting started with your business, or you feel like you need to change things up, give some thought to your business structure. Remember that different structures offer different tax benefits and legal protections. Make sure you read up on the different options, such as LLC information, to ensure you’re selecting the right one for your business. A formation service can help you ensure you meet all the legal filing requirements while also saving you time and money in the process.


Seek Out Investors

Recent economic changes may have caused some investors to be reluctant to partner with upcoming entrepreneurs. However, this doesn't mean that you should give up on looking for funding for your business. Rather, come up with an effective strategy that will convince investors to work with you.


Here, you are required to be a leader and assemble a team within your budget that will help you impress investors. Your team can consist of marketing specialists, data analysts, researchers and fundraising advisors. Luckily, with the number of platforms online, you can hire remotely and will, in turn, help you save a lot of money. This team will help you look for investors and pitch them your ideas. However, it's your responsibility to provide all the tools required for this process. 


Have a Strong Digital Identity

Digital marketing has become a huge contributor to the success of entrepreneurs and small business owners. So, having a strong digital marketing identity and presence is a big step to entrepreneurial success. To create a strong digital presence you need to create rich and engaging content among all online platforms. Whether it's YouTube and TikTok videos, Instagram reels, Facebook posts, Snaps, email campaigns, or engaging blog posts, ensure it’s something that your audience will look forward to. With time, the engagement will turn into sales. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is also an excellent way of creating a presence online, you’ll be able to comprehend what your target audience needs and adjust as required. Consequently, consider running ads the traditional way. It's cheaper today because of the growth of social media platforms. Last but not least, work with a professional web designer to create an attractive, user-friendly site that’s suited to your business.


When you do need to work with a designer, ensure you have the communication tools in place to effectively communicate your needs during your contract. Look into how to edit a PDF document using an online editing tool. These free resources allow you to add notes, comments, and highlights to draw attention to particular aspects of the file and design.



Networking is an effective strategy that entrepreneurs use for marketing, sometimes it's free marketing and has been proven to translate into sales. Networking can be a great way of landing long-term clients, finding resources from other entrepreneurs, or getting suppliers.


Try and connect with everyone you know, even if you haven't communicated after a long time. We have platforms online that will help you reach old friends, classmates, and schoolmates. It's a way of getting your business name into the streets. 


Strategize for Success

Being an entrepreneur can be pretty overwhelming, but with the right strategies in place it all becomes manageable. Ensure that you have an effective business plan to start you off. Your finances should be in check, and you should also have a strategic marketing plan in place. In due time, your hard work will translate into sales.


Membership in the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce offers invaluable benefits to entrepreneurs in our community. Join us today!